Why I Left Wall Street And Became A Private Investment Coach

My name is Erik Conley, and for 24 years I was an equity trader and money manager for Northern Trust, Oakmark Funds, and Kemper Securities.  I no longer manage money for others.  Since 2001 I’ve been a private investor – managing my own money and advising a few close friends and associates. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be in a position where I can practice my two life passions – Trading and Teaching.

Of course there are thousands of people out there claiming they can help you get rich in the market.  Why should you listen to me?  Because everything I teach about investing comes from first hand, personal experience. Here are a few of my career accomplishments:

- I got my first trading job in 1977 when a small brokerage firm in Milwaukee Wisconsin gave me $200,000 in seed money and turned me loose on the stock market.  Six years later, my trading account was worth $2.4 million.  That works out to a 52% annual return on their investment in me.  My bosses were very pleased.

- They were so pleased that they built me a trading floor and gave me an additional $5 million and a four person support staff.  Five years later, the account was worth $65 million, a 47% annual return on investment.

- As word got around about my trading record, I was recruited by a private wealth management firm in Chicago in 1992 to manage over $8 billion dollars in client assets.  

-1995 I was again recruited away, this time to run the entire trading department of one of the largest banks in the Midwest.  I was responsible for a staff of 8 and $90 billion dollars in client assets.

(For a full list of my credentials you can check out my career highlights here.)

In each of the firms I worked for, I was given the added responsibility of finding, hiring and training new traders.  My partners recognized that I was a natural at this.  But something was missing for me.

I was helping rich people get richer, yet prevented from helping the people who needed it most build and hold onto their wealth. 

Just like when I was sharing my knowledge and experience with others who worked for me and seeing them do well in the market, I get tremendous personal satisfaction from helping a rookie trader find that spark within them that comes from finding their own optimal trading style and helping build the necessary skills, confidence and competence to manage their own money successfully. They build and hold onto their wealth; and some with the interest even move on to successful careers in the investment business.

I came to the conclusion that the only way I could offer the same level of advice and support for those without multi-million dollar accounts was to start my own firm. This is the founding principle of ZenInvestor.org.


ZenInvestor.org exists to help you discover your naturally best trading styles, then become proficient in the systems I’ve developed which have proven successful time and time again. This means not just making money in the stock market, but also how to keep it.


Here’s what Zen Investing is and isn’t:


  • Zen Investing is not a miracle trading system.
  • Zen Investing is not a get-rich-quick scheme.
  • Zen Investing is about becoming competent in the time-tested strategies that have only been available to wealthy and sophisticated investors and institutions – like pension funds, foundations and endowments.


In addition, I will show you how to avoid getting ripped off by hidden fees, misleading performance claims, and all sorts of other tricks that are part of our predatory financial services industry.


The Most Important Key to Success


Most importantly, I will show you the key to my success – the ability to get completely out of the market when a significant, threatening economic event is on the horizon.


The biggest, nastiest, and longest-lasting bear markets always begin right before a recession hits the economy.  My research enables me to warn my clients when a recession is imminent.  In the last 40 years there have been 7 recessions, and my model has correctly predicted all of them, with no false signals.  The last call I made was in September 2007 – 3 months before the most recent recession started.


My clients were able to get out of the market before the crash of 2008, saving themselves from a 38% market decline.


Ready to Get Started?

Sign up for my free newsletter, e-mail me at info@zeninvestor.org, or call (315) 567-4936 to find out about how the Zen Investor coaching program could help you get to where you want to be. 


Here are my promises to you:


  • I will not teach you a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • I will not spam your inbox with hot stock tips or marketing pitches.
  • I will show you how to find your most naturally powerful and profitable trading style, then teach you the principles you need to know, and then work with you PERSONALLY to ensure you’re maximizing your returns while protecting yourself and your investment nest egg at the same time.


If you’re still not sure if this is the right way for you get what you need, send me a request for more info. Nothing happens until you take the first step, and the first step is to have a dialog with me about what’s preventing you from peak performance right now, and what are your options for dealing with that?