How to look at the market and see a giant Christmas tree

mkt xmas tree

I found an interesting graph on Marketwatch today. It’s from Stern Agee, and it shows the history of annual stock market returns for the past 200 years. Since 1825, the stock market has produced an annual gain 71% of the […]

The Truth Shall Set You Free… If You Are Willing To Search For It

confirmation bias

How do we know when our assumptions and beliefs are true, and not just wishful thinking? Think about that. Do you believe that the U.S. government is massively in debt, to the point where it’s almost guaranteed that our economy […]

The many reasons to invest in silver

Silver is one of the best electrical conductors that is being used in the creation of mobile phones. It’s highly reflective, making it a great component in the creation of solar panels – which are being integrated with traditional sources […]

How The Advice Industry Takes Advantage of Unsuspecting Investors

This is the first in a series that covers the dark side of the investment advice business. Before I begin my attack on the shady practices that are rampant in the advice industry, I want to point out that the […]

Why I’m 100% Sure That A Market Correction Is Coming

swings dshort

There aren’t many things in life that are certain, but stock market corrections are as certain as it gets. The only question is, from what level will the correction begin? This is always the tricky part of forecasting, and anyone […]

Commodity Price Chart

Chart of the PowerShares DB Commodity Index Tracking Fund (ETF). This fund provides exposure to 14 commodities from four sectors: energy, agriculture, industrial metals, and precious metals. Many commodity funds weigh constituents by economic importance, resulting in a heavy energy overweighting, but DBC is well-diversified across commodity sectors, making it a true broad-basket commodity fund.

The Most Powerful Tool An Investor Can Have

An Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is the most critical component of a well-designed investment strategy. Without an IPS, your chances of achieving long term success as an investor are greatly diminished. Most high net worth investors, institutional investors, and professional […]

Volatility Weekly Chart

Chart of the volatility of the stock market, as measured by the VIX index. VIX is often called the “fear guage” for stock market investors, because it tends to spike higher when there is bad news about the economy, or geopolitical events, or anything of significance that may cause stock markets to fall.

SP500 Weekly Chart

Chart of the S&P 500 index, showing the weekly closing prices, going back one year.

Market sell-off creates opportunity – what we are doing now

Main points: We use the current market volatility to makes some adjustments to our recommended asset allocation. We modestly reduce our pro-cyclical bias by lowering the allocation to equities. To offset this reduction, we recommend adding to liquid alternative ETFs, […]