Vanguard Is The Of The Financial Advice Business

Advisers, planners, and brokers are scrambling to keep up with Vanguard when it comes to offering low cost advice. The Vanguard Group Inc.’s decision to expand its web-savvy retail advice service is sending shivers throughout the financial planning community, which […]

For Women Only – How Male Investment Advisers View You

The following article appeared on a website that caters to professional investment advisers. I found it interesting because it has specific tips about how to sell investment products or advice to women. If you are a woman, I am very […]

Volatility Weekly Chart

Chart of the volatility of the stock market, as measured by the VIX index. VIX is often called the “fear guage” for stock market investors, because it tends to spike higher when there is bad news about the economy, or geopolitical events, or anything of significance that may cause stock markets to fall.

SP500 Weekly Chart

Chart of the S&P 500 index, showing the weekly closing prices, going back one year.

Does Your Skill Set Justify Stock Picking?

Robert Shiller is one of my heros. (Yes, there are people in the industry that I look up to – especially the ones who have made great contributions to the investment management profession.) And he recently warned amateur stock pickers […]

Getting Stock Tips From The Interwebs Can Make You Rich… or maybe not

Crowdsourced Stock Picks Can Be Valuable A new academic study reinforces the idea that the “wisdom of crowds” phenomenon applies not just to encyclopedia entries and restaurant reviews, but also to stock market predictions. Researchers from City University of Hong […]

Why Stocks That Are More Risky Can Boost Your Returns

There’s a growing body of evidence that risk is actually a double-edged sword. Being risk averse, most investors assign more weight to what can go wrong during bad market periods than to the upside potential during good periods, when they […]

Jack Bogle: The Problem With 401(k)s

The 401(k) business needs to change, says Jack Bogle, founder of The Vanguard Group and inventor of the index fund.   On a recent episode of the PBS series Frontline, Bogle was telling people about costs being the essential part of […]

Should You Add “Alternative” Investments To Your Portfolio Mix?

Why ‘alternatives’ make sense for some investors High stock prices, low bond yields and geopolitical risk all make this poorly understood asset class an interesting choice With the equity market at an all-time high, bond yields hovering near record lows, […]

Commodity Price Chart

Chart of the PowerShares DB Commodity Index Tracking Fund (ETF). This fund provides exposure to 14 commodities from four sectors: energy, agriculture, industrial metals, and precious metals. Many commodity funds weigh constituents by economic importance, resulting in a heavy energy overweighting, but DBC is well-diversified across commodity sectors, making it a true broad-basket commodity fund.