Invest Like A Professional

Traditionally there are two ways to approach investing.  Either you hand over your money to an expert and allow them to make all of your investment decisions for you – which leaves you with no control – or …

You go the Do It Yourself route, which means you’re on your own when it comes to making decisions.

Either way you might feel unsure about whether you’re doing the right thing, and when your money is at stake, that is not a good feeling!

Turn Indecision Into Action

The Zen Investor Membership programs offer a new way to handle your investments. You keep complete control and make your own decisions, but we provide the knowledge, guidance and ongoing support that you need to get on track and stay there.

Get everything you need to make a fresh start right now!

Find Your Path To Excellence in Investing

There are 3 levels of membership, each with increasing degrees of detail, guidance and support. All three memberships are far less costly than the traditional advice model.




Article Knowledgebase

Frequently updated database of premium articles including titles like:

  • When to be in the market, and when to be out.
  • Finding the right mix of stocks, bonds, and cash for your needs.
  • The top asset classes, sectors, and industry groups today.
  • Which stocks, funds, and ETFs to own, and which to avoid.
  • 4 secrets that brokers only share with their wealthiest clients.

Decision Making Tools

Stock Market Risk Meter - What is the current risk/reward ratio for the stock market? (emailed to you monthly)
Learn by example with Zen Investor Model Portfolios (we’ll even notify you when they’re updated!)
Dynamic charts that help you gauge economic health and make informed investment decisions.

Home Study Workshops

Get exclusive access to these Zen Investor Workshops.
1. Who Are You? (as an investor) – Lay the foundation for your customized investment plan.
2. Effective Zen Investing – How you can invest with truth, clarity and simplicity.
3. Creating Your Investment Plan – How to move from theory to practice.
4. Putting It All To Work - Implement and monitor your investment plan.

Personalized Attention

Discover your trouble spots with an in depth portfolio review.
Personal Track Record Evaluation- Can you handle the truth?
Zen Investor Second Opinion™ – Email Zen Investor for personalized support and answers to your most important questions.




We have so much confidence in our coaching program that we are willing to offer all of our students a limited 100% Money Back Results Guarantee. Put your mind at ease and click here for more details.