“I was very impressed by your ability to figure out the mistakes I was making and help me to correct them. That part alone was worth the price of your coaching. Thanks for being so patient with me!”

- Ellen K., Madison, Wisconsin

“For years, I let my money sit in a money market and gather dust. I always had a nagging, guilty feeling that I should be doing more with my money, but I just didn’t know how to begin. Erik helped me not only to understand the nuts and bolts of investing, but also to understand the psychology behind my motivations, goals, and reservations about money and investing. He helped normalize them and that allowed me to move beyond them and make the most of my money.

Investing can be overwhelming and intimidating for someone without a financial background. Zen Investor has allowed me to learn the basics at my own pace, and also to have a more advanced, customized investing plan to suit my own individual goals and life circumstances.”

– Colleen C., Chicago IL

“As a 29 year old man looking back on years of failed financial planning, I can finally understand what I should be doing, just by reading your ‘Beginners Workshop.’ From having almost no clue how all this investment and retirement stuff works I now have a plan that will get me to where I want to be by the time I reach 65. Now I just need to pay off all that ugly debt and put my money to work.”

- George B., Rochester, NY

“I am a small investor, and asked Erik for help in managing my mother’s portfolio. I liked that he took the trouble to go beyond the portfolio itself, and addressed the realistic role that the portfolio should hold in my mother’s financial retirement plan. This of course required a few penetrating questions on his part, and some careful thinking on mine. His analysis of the portfolio was insightful, thorough, and professional, giving me all the necessary knowledge routinely used by institutional investors, which is often not available to Main Street investors who manage their own portfolios. His analysis was extremely valuable to me, and will help me make important decisions about the portfolio now, and in the future. Turnaround time was great too–within a day of having all the information he needed, Erik delivered his full analysis.”

– Steve G. Naples, Florida

“I just wanted to write to say thanks again for your advice today. As I’ve told you in the past, investing and things to do with money stress me out, even though I’m confident with lots of other tasks in life. You’ve helped me plan for the future and plan to keep my commitments.

Whenever I’ve dealt with financial advisors in the past, I’ve always been nervous that they were motivated by some hidden commissions, some motive other than what was best for me and my family. That was never the case with you.

You listened carefully to my goals, guided me when I asked for help, quickly understanding the key points of confusion. I was impressed that, when you came up with my final plan, it included priorities I had brought up during our first conversation, and not since. You really found out my goals and helped me get there, rather than trying to squeeze me onto a pre-determined path.

I am so grateful for your help.” – Peder L., Chicago IL

“Your investment writings are like artwork…I love it! Thank you again for all you’ve done for me.”

– Larry S., Minneapolis, MN