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Highlights from Barron’s newspaper dated June 5, 2017.  See online edition here ($)


For the serious investor, Barron’s weekly newspaper is the single best financial publication out there. It is comprehensive, inexpensive, and focused on a single topic: the financial markets. Each issue is loaded with specific investment ideas. These ideas can come from Barron’s own research, or outside research sources. Most are both timely and topical. Barron’s makes the assumption that its readers are familiar with investing analysis and terminology. The target audience includes senior managers and executives, institutional investors, finance professionals, and serious individual investors.

Most of the articles in Barron’s are interesting and informative, and even if you don’t follow its trade recommendations, you will probably learn something useful. Barron’s is an excellent read for anyone interested in solid investing news and analysis. Due to its exclusive focus on investing, I would recommend it as a core resource for anyone who wants to stay fully-informed. For a pure publication on the financial markets, Barron’s is tough to beat.

Feature story

Unemployment hits new lows and stocks hit new highs. So why aren’t Americans opening their wallets? Simple. They’re up to their eyeballs in student debt and all kinds of other debt.

The Fiduciary Rule Goes Live at Long Last

The DOL rule that mandates advisors to act in their clients’ best interest is moving forward; widespread adoption is expected. Did we really need to fight over this?

6 Dividend Stocks That Hedge Against Inflation

Bank of America, Johnson & Johnson, and CME Group can prosper, whether inflation hits or not.

The Winners: Alphabet, Apple, and

These tech upstarts are America’s most respected companies, according to our latest survey of investors.

Wonder Woman Adds Allure to Time Warner

The likely completion of AT&T’s deal to buy Time Warner could lift shares 20% or more.

Accenture Presents Its Second Digital Act

Doubts about the consultant are overblown. Opportunities should boost the stock 60% over three years.

Fund’s Global Tech Bets Pay Off Big Time

The firm’s emerging markets fund (IPOAX) was early to see opportunities, and has bought up tech stocks worldwide.


Jason Trennert: Trump Trade “Underpriced”

Strategas Research, which predicted Trump’s presidential win, sees opportunities in 2017’s second half.


Trump’s Tweeting on Trade: Ignorance Is Not Bliss
President Donald Trump, the world’s most influential tweeter, has a large distorting effect on the world’s thinking about economics.

Inside the Market’s Magical Mystery Tour

Stocks still seem to be a reasonable investment. With 10 year treasuries yielding a paltry 2.16%, what alternative do investors have?

A Comeback for Cyclicals?

The stock market, never known for its stability, has become as fickle as a teenager. But out-of-favor sectors stand a good chance of seeing a new bout of popularity.

Hope Floats for Offshore Drillers

For a sector that specializes in things that float, offshore drillers sure are sinking fast. Is it time to think about buying?

British Airways’ Meltdown: Time to Buy IAG?

The U.K. flag carrier was grounded by a mysterious IT breakdown. But the disaster obscures an airline company with a lot of positives.

Is China Evergrande Fated to Take a Tumble?

Shares in the big property developer have soared 200% in the past year. But the company is wildly over-leveraged and short sellers are circling.

Indian Growth Prescription: More Working Women

The country’s GDP could expand even faster if more women joined the labor force.

REITs: Should You Buy the Winners or the Losers?

It’s too soon to make a bet on the recovery of retail REITs, but it’s not too late to buy tech-related REITs.

How Amazon’s Alexa Will Make You Buy More Stuff

Amazon could further lure shoppers away from big brands and traditional retailers with its voice-activated Echo.

AI Opens New Doors for Chip Makers, Investors

Nvidia, AMD, and Intel, plus smaller companies like Ceva and Cadence Design are getting a boost from artificial intelligence.

Single-Country Mutual Funds Offer Promise and Perils

China, Japan, India, and Korea specialists are outpacing their benchmarks, but they aren’t for investors who can’t handle volatility and risk.

How to Prudently Pursue Big Mo With ETFs

Similarly named funds can use very different approaches. The challenge: selecting the right one.

Trump’s Early Economic Report Card: Same Old, Same Old

Employment and growth patterns don’t differ from those of the late Obama years.

The Price of Arrogance

The roots of VW’s $25 billion (and counting) diesel disaster. Plus, the social function of swearing.

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