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Bear Markets, Recessions, and How to Profit From Them

1987 stock market crash

IntroductionBear Markets are the bane of the investor, with two exceptions: professional traders who specialize in short-selling, and regular investors who have a particular skill. Namely, they have learned how to tell the difference between market declines that are linked to a recession, and those that are not. Those who have mastered this skill are […]

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17 Short Sale Ideas

· Short-sellers smell blood in the water· Lists of potential shorts are circulating on trading desks· My list focuses on deteriorating fundamentalsThis article is for aggressive traders only. It’s not for buy and hold investors. It’s not for conservative asset allocators or income seekers. But even if you have no intention to sell short, it […]

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Weekly Market Scorecard – August 6, 2017

Do you consider yourself a market bull, or a market bear? Many of us will dodge this question by answering “I’m neutral.” The direction of the market is ultimately determined by the immutable laws of supply and demand. If the bullish camp is more confident and aggressive, they will overwhelm the bears and drive prices […]

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My Personal Market Dashboard

My personal market dashboard is invaluable to me. It’s both my GPS and my BS detector. I designed it in a way that forces me to confront the facts on the ground, so that my writing doesn’t drift too far from reality. A little backround I have been captivated by the capital markets since I […]

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Weekly Market Scorecard – July 22, 2017

Highlights The post-election rally is still intact, and making new highs. The S&P 500 is up 15% since the election, and probably has more upside. Investor optimism is high, but so are the risks of a negative geopolitical event. Most industries that got a big boost post-election have now given it all back. Barron’s Editorial […]

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Can A Sector Rotation Strategy Beat The Market?

sector rotation 3 wk

We look at how sectors move, relative to the market and to each other. The return behavior of sectors over time offers investors valuable information. This relative return behavior gives us clues about shifting market leadership. How you allocate equity exposure among sectors is a key driver of portfolio performance.  Introduction A popular approach among […]

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Weekly Market Scorecard – June 24, 2017

market scoreboard

Highlights The post-election rally is still intact, but losing steam. The S&P 500 is up 14% since the election The Dow, S&P, and NASDAQ are all making new highs. Investor optimism is still high, but starting to waver a bit. A correction of 10% or so would probably be good for this overstretched market.   […]

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Barron’s Highlights In Less Than 2-Minutes

Highlights from Barron’s newspaper dated June 5, 2017.  See online edition here ($) Introduction For the serious investor, Barron’s weekly newspaper is the single best financial publication out there. It is comprehensive, inexpensive, and focused on a single topic: the financial markets. Each issue is loaded with specific investment ideas. These ideas can come from […]

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The Greater Fool Theory


One of my favorite TV shows in recent years is HBO’s The Newsroom. The guy who writes the show, Aaron Sorkin, is known for fast-paced, snappy dialog. In the final episode of season 1, economics reporter Sloan Sabbith (played by the lovely and talented Olivia Munn) tells her boss, anchorman Will McAvoy (played by Jeff Daniels): […]

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