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Are You A Secret Market-Timer?

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Here’s something that you might not know. You might be a market-timer, even though you may not be aware of it. Market-timing gets a bad rap in the investment community. Most experts say that it’s nearly impossible to improve your results by jumping into and out of the market. Sure, anyone can get lucky and […]

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ZenInvestor Core Beliefs – Key Investing Concepts


There are certain concepts and principles that I believe are absolutely critical for successful investing. I call them Beliefs because I’ve learned them from personal experience – first as a securities analyst, then as a professional trader, and finally as a portfolio manager. These are the ideas that I strongly believe will empower you to […]

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5 steps that investors nearing retirement can take now

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A few years ago Morningstar ran an article about some things that people who are near retirement can do to to get ready. I liked it because it was pretty simple and straightforward. Here is the essence of that article, 5 steps that investors nearing retirement can take now. Figure Out How Much Income You […]

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Doing God’s Work as an Investment Advisor


Investment Advisors, fearing extinction, have turned to God to defend their purpose on earth I admit it. It irks me when I hear an investment advisor try to claim the moral or ethical high ground in order to buttress his or her argument for a “beat-the-market” strategy. Even when the sales pitch is obviously wrong […]

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Don’t Let a 1% Fee Take 40% of Your Life Savings

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It’s true – a 1% fee can end up costing 40% of your retirement nest egg. One of the lessons I’ve learned after spending more than 30 years in the investment business is that the system is designed to maximize the revenues of the service providers (the Agents, in industry parlance), rather than providing the […]

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A Time-Tested Trading Strategy


Investors who prefer to do their own research, and pick the stocks that they believe are poised to deliver stellar returns, face a daunting task. How do you determine which of the 10,000 stocks that are available in the U.S. are the most likely to outperform the rest of the market? One way to approach […]

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Best And Worst ETFs Over The Last Five Years


Examining the best and worst ETFs can be instructive. Nothing succeeds like success. At least that’s what many people believe about making progress in their careers. But in the stock market, a different force is often at work that contradicts this old saw. It’s called Reversion To The Mean. In a nutshell, it means that […]

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Investing Is A Bloodsport. Arm Yourself.

tyson bloodsport

Investing is a bloodsport. A full-contact, no-holds-barred game of strategy that pits highly skilled professionals against unskilled amateurs. Anyone with a few thousand dollars and an internet connection can play, but the stakes are high.   Amateur investors risk their life savings, hoping that someday their nest egg will become large enough to provide financial […]

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Characteristics of Successful Investors


The character traits and behavioral habits of the most successful investors are diverse, and there is no guaranteed formula for success. Nonetheless, by looking at the shared characteristics of the most successful investors of the last 100 years, we can learn some valuable lessons. These are the shared personality traits and behavioral characteristics of the […]

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