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Recognizing the signs of a market bubble is a critical investment skill that you can learn, and this report will show you how.

This report explores the nature of asset bubbles throughout history. It digs into the causes, the buildup, and the final popping of famous bubbles of the past.

This report shows that as long as you know what clues to look for, and have the discipline to act, you can avoid getting caught up in the next bubble. Here's what's inside...

  • Early Warning of Approaching  Bubbles                   
  • How to tell the difference between market over-valuation, and massive bubbles.
  • How to use this knowledge to great advantage by adjusting your market exposure.
  • How to avoid major bubbles and crashes, like the ones we saw in 2000 and 2008.
Whitepaper on Bubbles

Understanding Bubbles Is Your Unfair Advantage

Switching out of stocks and into cash before the bursting of a bubble, yields a performance bonus of more than 5% over a simple buy-and-hold strategy. And being in cash during the worst market declines has the additional benefit of reducing overall portfolio volatility.

The stock market can remain over-valued for many months - even several years. But there are clear signs when a bubble is about to pop. Since 1675, there have been 6 major bubbles where the market fell by 20% or more. Perhaps the most infamous episode was "Tulip Mania" in the 1600s.

If you want to build meaningful wealth as an investor, you're going to need an edge. 

recognizing bubbles when they are still inflating is a skill you can learn, and it will help you get that edge by establishing the proximity of a bursting point. Here are some of the questions we will address in the report:


  • Where are we today, in relation to the next stock market bubble?
  • When the first signs of a bubble appear, should you get out of the stock market?
  • How much of a performance boost can you get from avoiding the next bubble?
  • What happens to the stock market when a bubble pops?

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