“Erik has a set of investment skills that he melds seamlessly with his set of communication skills. His experience across the full range of financial markets allows him to create integrated solutions to his clients investment needs that, when applied, produce consistently impressive results.”
-Robert F. Dieli, Ph.D. President and founder RDLB, Inc.


Which Side Are You On?

The wealth that’s created in the stock market doesn’t just magically appear out of nowhere. It gets passed from investor to investor. What many people fail to realize is this simple but incredibly important principle:  Every trade has a winner and a loser.

The Pecking Order

Investing is a zero-sum game - meaning money flows from weak hands to strong hands. There is a clearly defined Pecking Order among investors, and profits flow from the bottom to the top. Those who are at the bottom are a source of profits for those at the top.

At the bottom are the 95 million “great unwashed masses” of small, retail investors who don’t have access to high quality advice and guidance. At the top there are roughly 100,000 investing “elites” who consistently (and happily) extract profits from everyone else. These investing elites, with the help of the best minds in the wealth management business, fleece the lambs in a well-organized, almost choreographed way.

My name is T. Erik Conley, and after 24 years as a professional equity trader and money manager, I know how this game is played. By the time I retired, I was working exclusively with ultra high net worth clients – the ones you’ll find at the very top of the wealth management food chain.

My firm catered exclusively to wealthy families, businesses, foundations, and endowments. New clients had to have at least $5 million just to walk in the door. That’s right. We had a $5 million minimum- an amount out of reach for most people looking to grow their portfolios in order to build and maintain a comfortable lifestyle after they stop working.

Now I must tell you in all honestly I was certainly comfortable. My skills in trading and investing allowed me to live a very good lifestyle. I was at the top of my game, and I was being paid very well to help the rich get even richer.

Switching Sides

However, for me something was missing. Then one day I woke up and realized what it was. I was playing for the wrong team. I realized I wanted to help those who, on their own without help, would continue to be a source of profit for these elite clients. So I switched sides and became a coach, mentor, and advocate for the kinds of clients who truly need my help, and stand to benefit the most from what I have to offer.

I can teach you how to move up the pecking order of investing success, so you can stop being a source of profits for the elites at the top, and start competing at a higher level of skill and competence than you might have ever thought possible.

Knowledge Alone Is Not Enough

Along with the knowledge you now have about the realities of investing, you should know about another dangerous trap you must avoid if you are going to be consistently profitable.

The #1 mistake most people make when trying to learn how to trade and invest successfully is that they think that knowledge alone is the answer. And frankly, the elites are quite happy to continue perpetuating this myth because they know the flow of money will continue to go right from your hands to theirs. Unfortunately, the way many people try to switch sides and come out a winner is by gathering more information, or looking for that perfect system that will beat the market every time. But here’s the truth- if there was really a magical system that always worked, everyone would be using it and the market couldn’t exist. Again, the market can only exist as along as there are those willing to give their money away, and those waiting patiently to take it.

So, what can you do to stop being among the 95 million who will continue to make the elites richer and richer while your wealth gets eaten away?

If you are serious about making money and holding on to what you gain, then why not work and train with someone who understands the game and can teach you how to compete at the highest levels of skill and competence?

Learning the real keys to making your account grow month after month, year after year, can change your life forever. Armed with new, critical insights about your own optimal profit taking strategy, you can look forward to consistent wins over time. You will finally start seeing results that will meet, and in many cases exceed your goals and expectations.

Contact me today either online or call (315) 567-4936 to schedule your complimentary, no obligation coaching session. We‘ll go over the strategies you’re currently using, and I’ll provide you with some no-nonsense suggestions about how to improve on what you’re doing right away. And if you decide not to go any further, I promise that you will, at the very least, come away from the call with a clearer understanding of how much better you could be doing in the market, and what’s getting in your way.

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