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Is It Time to Sell?

Bear Market Risk Has Increased Summary The talking heads are ramping up the fear-mongering. This article looks for clues in the actual numbers. No reason to panic, but pay attention. Thirty years in the business has taught me to pay attention to the numbers, not the headlines. Headlines are designed to grab attention, and fear […]

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What could trigger the next bear market?

The next bear market could be a Doozy. (A technical term.) Do you remember the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2007-2008? If you do, you know it was a doozy. Economies and stock markets around the world crashed, and there was serious talk about a possible meltdown of the entire financial system. Do you think […]

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Is This the Beginning of the End?

This could be the start of the long-awaited correction. Or worse. Or, maybe not. The stock market hit a small air pocket today. The S&P 500 finally suffered a “significant” drop, if you can call it that, as investors continued to worry about the flattening yield curve and the uncertainty over tax reform, and all […]

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Why It’s So Important to Avoid Bear Markets

Have you drunk the buy-and-hold Kool-Aid? If so, don’t worry – it might be the best approach for you. After all, when Warren Buffett endorses a strategy, how bad could it be? This article shines a light on a significant flaw in the entire premise of buy-and-hold as a universally superior strategy. What’s the big […]

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The Jason Voorhees Market: Nothing can stop it


The late, great Marty Zweig said “Don’t fight the tape.” And fans of the Halloween movie franchise say “Don’t assume that just because you shot Jason Voorhees 17 times, he will stay down for long.” This bull market isn’t dead yet. It is showing signs of fatigue, but as long as it keeps making new […]

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Game Plan for Next Week – September 2, 2017

the clash

The question many of you are asking yourselves these days was nicely captured by The Clash:“Should I Stay or Should I Go?If I go, there will be troubleAnd if I stay it will be double.One day it’s fine and next it’s black.This indecision’s bugging me…”The Game PlanThis bull market is now the second-longest on record. […]

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Weekly Market Scorecard – August 6, 2017

market scoreboard

Do you consider yourself a market bull, or a market bear? Many of us will dodge this question by answering “I’m neutral.” The direction of the market is ultimately determined by the immutable laws of supply and demand. If the bullish camp is more confident and aggressive, they will overwhelm the bears and drive prices […]

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My Personal Market Dashboard

My personal market dashboard is invaluable to me. It’s both my GPS and my BS detector. I designed it in a way that forces me to confront the facts on the ground, so that my writing doesn’t drift too far from reality. A little backround I have been captivated by the capital markets since I […]

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Weekly Market Scorecard – July 22, 2017

Highlights The post-election rally is still intact, and making new highs. The S&P 500 is up 15% since the election, and probably has more upside. Investor optimism is high, but so are the risks of a negative geopolitical event. Most industries that got a big boost post-election have now given it all back. Barron’s Editorial […]

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