Get an Expert opinion before you make your next trade!

Is your portfolio properly diversified? Are you paying too much in fees? Are you taking too much risk? Do you really understand what you own?

When markets are going up, we all feel good. But when markets fall hard, a well-diversified portfolio that matches your goals and investing style can help you weather the storm. Can you handle another 50% drop in the stock market like we saw in 2008? Will you panic and sell out at the bottom, as many investors did? A second opinion can show you how much risk you're taking, so you can be fully prepared for the next downturn.

Create your own second opinion with these building blocks

  • Ask a question about a specific stock, bond, ETF, mutual fund, or other investment vehicle.
  • Ask for a "quick look" at your portfolio to find out if there might be anything amiss.
  • Test your strategy, decision process, information sources, or market assumptions
  • Vet your broker, advisor, planner, or subscription service
  • Order an in-depth portfolio diagnostic report to really find out what's under the hood
  • Use us as a sounding board for an idea, a strategy, or a decision

Whether you're looking for a quick answer to a simple question, or a deep dive into the viability of your current investment plan, we can structure your second opinion to meet your requirements. We can work with you over the phone, on Skype, email, or text. We only charge for actual time spent researching your issue and preparing your report, if one is needed.

These engagements can be as brief as 10 minutes, or as long as several weeks. It all depends on what you want to get out of it.

Here's a sample page from a recent second opinion report...

dashboard image

I want to find out if a second opinion is right for me. I understand that I am under no obligation to hire you unless I'm confident that you can solve my problem.

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Questions about a stock, bond, ETF, mutual fund, or other investment vehicle...

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Questions about your broker, adviser, planner, or subscription service...

A "quick look" at your portfolio, to identify any potential red flags...

An in-depth portfolio diagnostic report...​

An in-depth evaluation of your investment plan, decision process, or risk preferences...​

Open-ended consulting on a retainer basis with unlimited support...​

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$150 per hour​

We believe that the best way to get better results is by learning new investing skills. The place to start is by taking an inventory of your goals, strategy, and portfolio. This is what a second opinion does for you. Once you understand where you are today, you can begin the process of learning how to do better.