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ZenInvestor is an independent, non-profit education, research, and investigative reporting organization.

Education encompasses free online courses, timely articles about investing best practices, and one-to-one live coaching & consulting that is tailored to your needs.

Investigative reporting features hard-hitting exposes about the dark arts of the investment advice and management business. We shine a light on abusive sales tactics, deceptive advertising, and widespread overcharging for products and services. We offer tips about how to avoid the tricks and traps used by some of the ethically challenged practitioners in the business. 

Research is the basis for all of our content. We do original research, rather than republishing the research of other industry sources. We conduct our own surveys, conduct interviews with the most knowledgeable and respected independent thinkers in the field of investing, and we keep up on the latest peer-reviewed studies from the best academic minds.

Zen Investing is a state of mind; a philosophy; an attitude. It’s learning how to remain calm in the midst of chaos. It’s having a clearly articulated plan, a robust strategy, and a specific methodology that will guide you through the ups and downs of the market. With an ecosystem of checklists, trading rules, price triggers, and event alerts, you can stay true to your plan and handle anything the market throws at you.

In 2008 I created ZenInvestor.org with the goal of offering education and skill development to anyone who wanted it, regardless of account size or ability to pay.  The content is free, and the website is supported by donations from users who are in a position to help.

ZenInvestor.org strives to help every investor discover the one strategy that best fits their natural investing style. I know from experience that you can’t just push the same strategy on everyone – even if their goals are the same. Understanding factors like learning style, attitude towards risk, and the amount of time you’re willing to spend on managing your investments are crucial to customizing a strategy that works for you. What works beautifully for your brother-in-law might not work at all for you. If your natural tendency is to take a long-term view of investing, then you should probably not try to dabble in day-trading.

I’ve developed a small set of customizable tools for this purpose, which have proven successful time and time again. The idea is to arm you with the same tools and knowledge that wealthy, sophisticated investors have. It's an effective way to level the playing field.

I'm not selling a miracle trading system or a get-rich-quick scheme. I'm offering a way to learn the game and acquire the skills that are needed to participate at the highest level. I want you to understand who you are as an investor, and which strategy will work best for you.

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The biggest and longest-lasting bear markets always begin just before a recession hits the economy. The tools I’ve personally developed enable me to warn my clients when a recession is imminent. In the last 40 years there have been 7 recessions, and my model has correctly predicted all of them, with no false signals.

Sometimes the market tanks without the economy tipping over. These non-recession bear markets can cause a lot of damage, but they don’t last as long at recession-linked bears. My success rate for calling these interim moves is a little over 80%. The last call I made was in April of 2011 – just days before the market began a 20% decline.

Because of the market call I made in late 2007, my clients were able to get out of the market before the crash of 2008, saving themselves from the pain of a 38% market decline.

Wouldn't YOU like to receive advance warning before the next big market drop? Here are my promises to you:

  • I will not teach you a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • I will not spam your inbox with hot stock tips or marketing pitches.
  • I WILL show you how to match your most natural and profitable trading style to your goals.
  • I WILL teach you how to analyze your portfolio, so YOU understand how to make the most significant changes that will maximize your returns while protecting your nest egg at the same time.
  • I WILL help you build a diversified, low-overhead portfolio.
  • I WILL protect you from market crashes by giving you warning of upcoming events along with suggestions on how to best protect yourself.

T. Erik Conley
Former Head of Equity Trading
Northern Trust Co.

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ZenInvestor is an independent, non-profit organization that investigates and reports on issues that affect consumers of financial products and investment advice. Our work focuses exclusively on issues with high potential impact. We do this by producing articles that shine a light on the exploitation of inexperienced and unsuspecting investors by the professional investor class.

Our work is funded through contributions from users, and revenue from private coaching and consulting engagements. All profits are reinvested in new research projects, and financial literacy outreach programs in the Greater Chicago Area.

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