How Did You Do vs. the Editors at Barron’s in 2017?

The editors at Barron's magazine had a decent 2017. They lagged the market by a slim 1.5% margin on their long picks. They beat the market by  11.9% with their short picks. That's hard to do in a raging bull market. Great respect for the folks at Barron's.

How did your picks perform in 2017? If you're curious to find out which Barron's picks beat, and which lagged, read on.

barrons 2017 stock picks
barrons 2017 stock picks 2
barrons stock picks 3
barrons stock picks 4
barrons 2017 short picks

Some final thoughts

If your stock picks beat their benchmarks in 2017, you deserve respect. That's hard to do when the benchmarks are performing so well. And if you did any shorting last year, and managed to just break even on them, congratulations again. You might just be a stock-picking maven.

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